The automation system "Batrak" is designed for automation of agricultural, farm, household, household objects:

  • cowshed
  • poultry house
  • incubator
  • brooder
  • greenhouse
  • winter garden, etc.

The system replaces several separate devices:

  •   temperature controller
  •   humidity controller
  •   automatic light
  •   automatic ventilation system
  •   automatic watering machine
  •   clock, calendar, timer

As a source of information, the system has a clock with a calendar and three sensors:

  • temperatures
  • humidity
  • illumination
  • has the ability to connect additional sensors

Depending on the application, the system has the ability to manage additional equipment:

  • air conditioning
  • electro-valve irrigation
  • electro-valve set the water in the water tank
  • supply air fan
  • humidification fan
  • electric motor for egg rotator
  • the electric motor of the mechanism of opening of leaflets of a greenhouse, etc.

Integration of these functions in one system creates new management capabilities:

  • maintaining the temperature in the greenhouse with cooling by heating, and with overheating by ventilation or air conditioning
  • maintaining moisture by using an exhaust fan and a humidification fan, blowing off evaporation from a water bath
  • additional lighting in the greenhouse and poultry house, in the dark, in the morning and in the evening, according to the light sensor and the calendar, for the normal development of plants and birds
  • heating shut-off when the door is open during the day
  • motor control, for opening or closing flaps, turning the eggs
  • other functions

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Automation system "Batrak"

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