Designed for the indication of hitting the target gong on shooting competitions.

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The hit indicator works with an air temperature range of -22℉ up to 120℉ (-30℃ to + 50 ℃).

It is powered by two AA batteries, which lasts about 400 hours in standby mode or up to several thousand hit indications.

Replace the batteries, if the indication time becomes shorter than usual.

There are three mirrors. It will still remain possible to determine the hit, even if you damage one or two of mirrors.
10 pc. of spare mirrors can be purchased separately.

The range at which the indicator can be applied, depends on the weather and the quality of the observation device.

It is very convenient for small calibres to use magnets to attach the indicator to the target.

The indicator with magnets withstands hits of 22LR from 50y and .223 from 250y.

For large calibres use Velcro tape for the indicator attachment. In that case, magnets must be removed and the back surface of the gong defatted.

With Velcro tape indicator can withstand hits of .308 from 600y and .338 from 1200y.

The device has two sensitivity thresholds. The low sensitivity is set by default.

You will need to remove the jumper if you want to increase the sensitivity for small calibres or long-range

The kit contains: the device with 3 mirrors, two inserted batteries, two spare mirrors, 4 magnets with special nuts, Velcro tape.

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