Device "fibber" microluch is intended to change some readings of the vehicle's analog sensors, depending on the programmed schedule.

Fibber is reducing or increasing signal values for changinge engine operation.

Suitable for "tuning" standard boost sensor of turbocharged engines for power and torque increasing.

It can be used for tuning the parameters of petrol, diesel, CNG or LPG

It allows changing parameters of the engine with conditions change or when switching to a different operating mode, for example:

  • empty - loaded
  • without a trailer - a trailer
  • with slide - up the hill
  • Petrol - gas
  • diesel - diesel engine
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Fibber.exe Program:

  • Shows the current settings of the engine and fibber
  • Writes in the parameters of the fibber, deception graphics: 1D or 2D or 3D
  • Interpolates 3D graphics for easy setup
  • Shows the waveforms of signals
  • Used for flashing fibber software
  • Draws motion graphics statistics for easier customization
  • It allows you to save a "project" in the computer
  • Can save the settings in fibber and secure it with password

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